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COMENIUS : a dream that is coming true


We believe that our Comenius project “A rainbow over Europe” is essential to enrich our cultural knowledge and make us feel part of a single country called Europe. As a matter of fact, it allows us to understand that even in distant lands, there are boys and girls who study and apply themselves to become “someone” in society.

At first, some of us thought that this was a project about the Latin language, but we discovered that …

This project involves eight European countries: Italy, Romania, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. Through a series of activities and meetings we are rediscovering our traditions and reconstructing our history. We are also trying to find all those things that, despite the diversity, we have in common with the other countries.

In this first phase, through drawings and videos, we represented our customs, everyday food and typical Sardinian landscapes.

Furthermore, during the first week of November, our teachers went to Romania for the first technical meeting of the project. In that occasion they had the possibility to choose the logo of the project, selecting it among many created by students from all schools. The winner logo consists of  the circle of stars of the European Union flag and of a rainbow that rises from the stars.

From their stories, photos and videos they showed us, now we have a clear idea of the hosted region. We are favourably impressed by local customs, to a certain extent similar to ours, dances and songs.

PLEASE, next time, bring us with you!

Istituto Comprensivo T. Cossu


Class II A /II B

First meeting- Botosani- Romania


The first meeting of our project took place in Botosani between 7-11 november 2011.

We carried out many interesting activities and we led friendships.

We also discuss many hours about our project, about the activities that must be completed until the next meeting.
Romanian team hope that all the activities were interesting and all participant had good time in Botosani and Romania.