Aspects of Italian Christmas


One of the characteristic aspects of Christmas in Italy is, without doubt, the manger (presepe), whose birth would go up again to St. Francis of Assisi. The most ancient manger is that realized in 1250 from the sculptor Arnolfo di Cambio. Manger’s tradition develops itself  in the centuries XVII and XVIII, especially in Rome, Naples, Genoa and in Sicily. An ancient Roman tradition wants the noble of the epoch to realize sumptuous mangers that were opened to the public in the days of the feast.   The representation of the living manger usually develops itself in the night of 24th December.  Alleys, small streets in stone, arcs, wine cellars, barns and stalls of the historical center become animated for entertaining the event and they serve as background to Palestine of 2000 years ago. The Christmas is a feast accompanied by different traditions, social and religious, often varying from village to village.
Every year in our village, Teulada, there is  a live manger organized with the help of all people.

Alessio Cabras
Marko Ledda
Davide Mocci
Daniele Monni

By Chiara Loi

By Chiara Loi

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  1. This reminds me of my trip to Italy when I enjoyed seeing the live mangers. The same lively atmosphere is created through carolling in Romania.

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