Christmas in Italy


Christmas is the Christian festivity that celebrates Jesus’s birth: in Italy it is celebrated on the 25 of December, the preparation however begins before. As all the solemnities Christmas has a great duration in comparison to the other days of the liturgical calendar and begins in fact with the evenings of the eve. On 24th December  the family gathers him for the dinner; at eleven o’clock they go to the Church for “midnight’s mass”. After the mass people can finally open the gifts of Christmas that, according to the tradition,  have been deposed under the Christmas Tree. Furthermore,  at the beginning of December the greatest part of the families prepare the crib and they decorate the Christmas Tree. This is a fir decorated with small colored objects, little balls, lights, festoons, candies, tassels, small bells, small packaged gifts and the star comet at the top. At Christmas family is reunited again. The Christmas  lunch involves many dishes like the pork and the lamb, prepared in the most varied ways. Traditional  desserts are “panettone” and “pandoro”.

Margherita Lai

Federica Etzi

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