Turkey is a very special country! Estonian students about Turkey


Turkey is a very special country. Traditions, architecture, nature, food are different form Estonia. But maybe the most impressive thing are people. Who are very frank, hospitable, friendly – they are always ready to help you. Because for Turkish people the most important thing is, that their guest are happy. And we are very thankful for kindeness of our host families!
People in Turkey revere their traditions and we have seen a lot of different turkish dances, have learnt „Halay“ dance. We took part in workshop of marbling paper and visited one of the oldest and famouse pottery fabric – Izmik.
Hospitality is part of Turkey traditions and culture. And food is one of the most impressive part of our trip: sweets, vegetable snacks – cooked specially for us by parents of host school students.
But of course Istanbul impressed us too! Blue Moscque – so huge, spacious, beautiful. Grand Bazaar – crowdy, loud, but you can find there everything! And of course, our trip by ferry across the Bosphorus – amazing views and a lot of beautiful castles.
This trip was really intresting and untforgettable . All students made a lot of friends and had adventures, fascinating stories with new friends.


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