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Lithuanian students will never forget the meeting in Spain


I’m still dreaming of the wonderful sceneries we have enjoyed on our trip. I can’t forget the capital of Catalunia, Barcelona which is one of the most beautiful city I have ever seen. One of the most impressive church is Sagrada Familia. Also I was impressed by town Baga where our host school is located. This small town is associated for me with a lot of good, friendly, helpful people who all the time were with me in Baga. I can’t forget my host family in Gvardiola and of course, Katerina who was really nice to me. During this trip I had a very good time. I played baseball – the game I have never tried in Lithuania. I learnt how to dance traditional Spanish dance “Els Nans”. Also Katterin thought me how to sing a traditional Spanish song. I really enjoyed our trips in Baga, to Montserrat monastery, to the Cement factory museum and the Artigas Gardens, to the historical village where we can find the birth of the River Llogregat and to Picasso museum. All these things were very good experience for me. I would like to say thanks for all Baga teachers and students who were very friendly and made our meeting so enjoyable and unforgettable. Everything was really great! I hope one day we will meet each other again.


I think that Spain is astounding country because the nature is so picturesque and there are so many beautiful architectural buildings. All people are very friendly. The best part of our journey was that I met a lot of great people from Comenius project from different countries. I am thankful for everything – for hospitality of my host family where I was living that week, for Baga  teachers’ organisation and great time in Spain.


It was my first travel abroad and I just can say – it was amazing! I never thought that Spain has so many beautiful architectural buildings, that Spanish people are so kind, friendly and they always keep on smiling. I was so glad to stay at my host family and at the end of our meeting it was very pity to leave. I’d like to give a lot of compliments to Baga’s teachers for their organisation. It was great to walk around Baga, have a lot of competitions at school, have great journey to Barcelona and to mountains. I think everything in Spain was perfect.



                                                                                 The Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church in Barcelona

                                                                                     Fonts del Llogregat waterfall , Castellar de NHug

                                                                                                         Spain’s Mediterranean beach


Lithuanian students’ impressions about visit toTurkey


A visit to Turkey was our best experience we have ever had. When we arrived to school we were surprised by greeting ceremony through the path of rainbow. We enjoyed Janissary Band, folk dancing performance. We learnt a lot about Turkish people culture, their lifestyle and hospitality. We visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places such as Blue Mosque in Istanbul, ceramic workshop in Iznik, Cumalikizik historic village near the Bursa that has been declared national landmark. Also we had a chance to keep a close watch on the art of marbling performance and even have tried it ourselves. We learnt that marbling is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper. It was amazing!

We were accommodated by very kind, hospitable Turkish families. We are very grateful to them for their tenderness, friendliness, generosity and very delicious food. Their kindness was never ending. There we made a lot of friends from different countries and now we communicate with each other on Facebook.

All in all, we had a most wonderful time and appreciate the arrangements that Turkish team made for us. We came away with the most wonderful impression of Turkey and its people. Thank you for making our trip in Turkey enjoyable one and also for wonderful experience and impresions we got here.

Emilija, Ugne, Gytis and Liutauras

At the host school                                                                                                                      At the host school

Greeting Ceremony                                                                                                                  Greeting Ceremony

Marbling art                                                                                                                         Marbling art

Our team                                                                                                                           Out team

Italy meets Spain


Our third meeting took place in Bagà (Spain) between 6th and 12th March.

It has been a special occasion to know and appreciate all different ways of life once again. We would like to underline the importance of the following aspects of Spanish and Catalan culture that we had the precious opportunity to know:

1)We visited the school in Bagà, so this  gave us another point of view on the  public school organisation;

2)the Spanish students showed us some typical Catalan dances and traditions that can only enrich our knowledge and our own culture;

3)all the teachers in Bagà made us visit several typical places ( important parks, ancient villages, beautiful mountains and important works by Gaudì and a museum dedicated to Picasso). The Catalan people has been really kind, friendly and extremely generous.

Our meeting also fostered friendship among different people both for the students and for the teachers. In fact  our collaboration  with the  Spanish, the Romanian, the Estonian, the Lithuanian, the German, the Turkish and the Polish groups has been really great for many aspects.

Our students have been really thrilled and happy to make some new friends and they will never forget this important experience in all their lives. We think that  the most important thing for our students was the fact of  meeting some students coming from cultures they didn’t know anything about: this will surely enrich their mind with knowledge and make them good citizens in the future.

Irene, Roberta, Marco, Matteo, Claudia and Anastasia remember the wonderful trip to Spain

Our trip to Spain? A special trip!

We met a lot of people. They were very friendly and we learned to appreciate each other.

We visited a lot of monuments as “The Sagrada Familia”, an important Gaudì’s masterpiece.

We went to the biggest stadium of Europe. But the most important thing was that we met a lot of friends.

The nations with wich we tied were Poland, Romania and Estonia. We found that people from these countries are very funny.
It was a unique experience and we would do it a thousand times.

Italian students can’t forget Turkey


Turkey is fantastic!

This experience was very useful for us, infact it could improve our knowledges.

We improved our pronunciation and our personality, too.

We learned to appreciate other cultures, besides, we liked to speak with our tripmates knowing new people from other countries was extremely exciting!

We hope to meet them again!

Thanks for the marvellous stay!

Alessandra, Cecilia, Marta, Eleonora, Claudio and Fabio

This country is simply fascinated us with their culture and traditions!Estonian students about Spain

This country is simply fascinated us with their culture and traditions!Estonian students about Spain

But of course, one of the most impressive side of Spain is architecture. Spain’s architecture differs greatly from other countries in Europe. Because in this country lived the most popular architect Antonio Gaudi. His creations are amazing. “And I think nobody in the world can’t make an interpretation of his work” – Aleksandra. Andrei: “The most memorable place is Sagrada Familia. I’ve never seen such big and modern church”.
During the visit, we have learned more about some Catalan traditions dances, which are very different from Estonian.
And of course – nature! Baga is located at the head of the valley and mountains surround this town. The most popular and impressive place is Pedraforca mountain.
But we think, that one of the most important property of Spain, Catalonia – are people! They are full of happiness, sympathy and kindness, that couldn’t be caught with eye. We have bonded with all amazing new friends very fast and we really didn’t want to leave this wonderful town. To say goodbye without any tears in eyes was impossible and we couldn’t hide our emotions anymore. All new friends from different countries became so darling and close, so we couldn’t imagine day without them. “I have only warm memories which bring smile on my face. That was the most unforgettable trip in my life that I have ever had. I had so much positive emotions. I hope to meet my new friends again. There couldn’t be time more awesome that it was!” – Jane