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Italy meets Lithuania



First, I must tell you tha last week was one of the most beautiful, maybe the most beautiful of this year! We were not at school every day even though we met there. We spent the greater part of the day visiting many beautiful places. Each day made me happy, but at the same time we were very busy and so when we got home, we were very tired. But, for me,  this trip was too short, because we spent two days at the airport. In fact, Saturday, was the day when we came back to Italy, so we didn’t have enough time to stay with our new friends, We only had time to say goodbye. I made a lot of friends, especially a Lithuanian girl: she is very nice and kind. And even though we spoke different languages, we became good friends. I really miss her and I hope to see her again! This experience was very nice and I would do it again lots of times; I recommend it to all those who have the opportunity.


Last week, Rachele, my teachers and I,  went to Lithuania for the Comenius project. Batakiai was a very nice village. I met new people of different countries. Lithuanian people were very friendly and hospitable. The local school was bigh, there were many classrooms. We visited, with all students, many cities and monuments. We painted a wall and we made some pottery lab. I love Lithuania. Thanks COMENIUS!


At School

Pottery Lab

Students creativity


During meeting in Lithuania host and guests students painted on a wall board. They illustrated representative traditions in partners countries. Students used colours related to their country flag.

2013-02-28 10.43.28


They also had a good apportunity to discover their creativity making paintings from natural material. They made posters using different grits, (millet, manna, peas…), dried flowers, scraps of magazines, threads.


Poland in Lithuania





Polish team wants to say Thank You to our Lithuanian friends we really enjoyed the visit. We found out a lot about our neigbours’ culture, tradition and history. Renata and Vida did great job – the visit was well organised. Here are our students’ memories:

“It was great. I really liked it and will never forget those days.” – Mikołaj

” It was amazing week for me. I’ll never forget the place and people. It was great.” – Yulia

“Meeting in Lithuania was a great experience for me. I met new people and made friends. I really miss Lithuania and want to come back there one day.” – Martyna

“I met a lot of great people. I will never forget those days which I spent in Batakiai. I’d like to meet those people once more.” – Kacper


Bagà goes to Lithuania


Just a short note to say thank you  Renata and Vida for the lovely time we had during our visit. We really appreciate all your hard work. The girls had a wonderful time and have some fantastic memories of the good times with their friends and of the places they visited.

Dolors and I also had a lovely and informative time. We loved the countryside, the lakes and fields and forests and it was interesting to learn about the culture of a nation that up until 20 years ago we didn’t know existed!

Congratulations Lithuanian Team



The 4th project reunion in Lithuania


The 4th project reunion took place in Batakiai Secondary school in Lithuania between 24th – 28th of September in 2012. We had a good opportunity to increase our language skills, to make new friends, to learn to accept and respect differences and to broaden our cultural horizons participating in different activities, such as: mural painting; sightseeing tour in Batakiai: a visit to a catholic church, to Batakiai mound and meeting with folk artist Ona Paulauskiene; ceramic workshop with local specialist in Taurage; learning the history: guided tour at Trakai island castle; visiting The Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės; attending an educational programme “Illumination tools and Candle making”; guided tour at The Palanga Amber Museum and Botanical Garden; visit to Curonian Spit – Nida; learning to dance “Polka su ragučiais”.
Lithuanian team hope that all partners enjoyed the activities, had a good time and learned more about Lithuania, about our village Batakiai and our city Taurage.


Greeting Ceremony

                                                                                                          Mural Painting

             Visit to Curonian Spit – Nida                                      


                                                                                                                  Candle Making

Lithuania – neighbor country! Estonian students about Lithuania


Of course, Lithuania is very closed to Estonia. And we expected that everything will be very similar. But from the first day, Lithuania surprised us. We couldn’t forget the welcome concert at school: traditional and modern dances, folk and pop songs: everything was prepared in such high level, that you couldn’t believe that we were sitting in hall of some small village school.
One of the most interesting activities was painting national flowers at the school’ wall. We are a little bit envy you, because now you have such a good memory about our meeting.
During our visit we travelled a lot and saw many different interesting places: Trakai Island Castle, open-air museum Rumiškeš, where we fought with bees to get inside of candle workshop. We are impressed by beautiful and amazing nature of The Curonian Spit: sand dunes and died forests.
We think, it doesn’t matter, that Lithuania and Estonia are so similiar, we can find a lot of interesting new things to discover there. Especially now, when we have so good friends there and his country is so close to us! 

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