Lithuania – neighbor country! Estonian students about Lithuania


Of course, Lithuania is very closed to Estonia. And we expected that everything will be very similar. But from the first day, Lithuania surprised us. We couldn’t forget the welcome concert at school: traditional and modern dances, folk and pop songs: everything was prepared in such high level, that you couldn’t believe that we were sitting in hall of some small village school.
One of the most interesting activities was painting national flowers at the school’ wall. We are a little bit envy you, because now you have such a good memory about our meeting.
During our visit we travelled a lot and saw many different interesting places: Trakai Island Castle, open-air museum Rumiškeš, where we fought with bees to get inside of candle workshop. We are impressed by beautiful and amazing nature of The Curonian Spit: sand dunes and died forests.
We think, it doesn’t matter, that Lithuania and Estonia are so similiar, we can find a lot of interesting new things to discover there. Especially now, when we have so good friends there and his country is so close to us! 

lit small 2

lit small
li small 3

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