Italy meets Lithuania



First, I must tell you tha last week was one of the most beautiful, maybe the most beautiful of this year! We were not at school every day even though we met there. We spent the greater part of the day visiting many beautiful places. Each day made me happy, but at the same time we were very busy and so when we got home, we were very tired. But, for me,  this trip was too short, because we spent two days at the airport. In fact, Saturday, was the day when we came back to Italy, so we didn’t have enough time to stay with our new friends, We only had time to say goodbye. I made a lot of friends, especially a Lithuanian girl: she is very nice and kind. And even though we spoke different languages, we became good friends. I really miss her and I hope to see her again! This experience was very nice and I would do it again lots of times; I recommend it to all those who have the opportunity.


Last week, Rachele, my teachers and I,  went to Lithuania for the Comenius project. Batakiai was a very nice village. I met new people of different countries. Lithuanian people were very friendly and hospitable. The local school was bigh, there were many classrooms. We visited, with all students, many cities and monuments. We painted a wall and we made some pottery lab. I love Lithuania. Thanks COMENIUS!


At School

Pottery Lab

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