The impact of Roman Empire on Lithuania history


A group of students from Batakiai Secondary School visited the local Taurage History Museum „Santaka“ where discussed with a specialist of history about the impact of Roman Empire on Lithuania country. Students found out that the legacy of the Romans is extremely important. Many things that form part of everyday life were introduced or improved by the Romans. Over the centuries since the collapse of the Roman Empire, Romans ideas, literature, art and architecture have influenced many people around the world. Roman Empire played major role in spreading Christianity. Roman builders and engineers developed styles and construction methods that continue to be used. During the period of the Roman Empire amber became greatly valued and desired. In the 1st-3rd centuries there was an intensive trade in Baltic amber with Roman Empire and its colonies and this led to the formation of so called “amber road“. Amber was treasured and called „Northen gold“ in the Roman Empire. In times of the Emperor Nero (54-68 AD) the value of a small amber statuette was greater than that of a young healthy slave.

Some examples of things that Romans introduced and are still in use today: Leap Year, the calendar, Catholic Church, arch, dome, highways, aqueducts, sewage, indoor plumbing, thermal heating systems, cement and bricks, paved streets and pavements.


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