Italy loves Lithuania


Are young Italians very much different from the young generation of Lithuania?

According to our experience, when we were in Lithuania, we noticed that Lithuanian youngsters are all working. Even though they are not satisfied with their working conditions, they leave the houses of their parents and try to become independent in their very young ages. On the contrary, Italian youth is not hurrying to leave the houses of their parents. Here, in Italy you can find people in their 30ies still leaving with their parents .

Another difference, which is really important, is food. Lithuanian cuisine is pretty simple but with a variety of dishes. They eat rye, potatoes, meat, mushrooms … but they don’t have pasta or pizza… Well, they have pasta and pizza but they are not the same as in Italy.

On the other hand Lithuanian and Italian boys and girls listen to the same music. They love to be in company with friends, going out and having fun together. Even if Lithuanian young people don’t follow the fashion like Italian do, they have their individual style. And we like it very much !!

Rachele and Chiara



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