• The project we were involved in helped us discover the Turkish culture, traditions, specific food, the sky skrapers from Istanbul and Bursa, the ceramics exhibition in Izmick. We used English in communicating with all our partners. We made good friends and we keep in touch by facebook and email messages. The Turkish host families and the teachers were very kind to us. (Matei Iuliana – 8C, Anton Cosmin – 8B, Apetroaie Cătălina – 8B, Calistrat Emil – 8B)
  • The time we spent at school Alt Bergueda in Spain during the Comenius project meeting in May 2012 was incredible. The teachers and the host families were kind and very hospitable. We visited  monuments made by Gaudi (Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona, the Natural Park El Cadi Moxeiro in Baga.We made friends among the Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, Estonian, Spanish, German, Turkish students. The activities (workshops, documentary visits, learning folk songs and dances, sport competitions) we took part in were very attractive. Adrian Florariu (8C), Alexandru Arsinei (8A)
  • We will never forget the project meeting we took part in the school from Batakai in Lithuania in September 2012. We saw many the interesting places that helped us know more about the history, the cultura, the folk art in the host country: the Pilute hill in Batakai, the Taurage Castle that hosts many museums, the 14th century Trakai, the huge Open Air Village Museum, the Amber Museum in Palanga, the rip by ferryboat at Klapeida, the resort Nida with specific fishermen houses, the highest sand dunes and the Solar Calendar clock. We were impressed by the folk songs and dances and we were overwhelmed by the warm atmosphere and the host people’s hospitality.(Cezara Andrieş and Dorina Mihai – 7A)
  • The host families considered our arrival to be a special moment and helped us feel like home. We were impressed by the capital Tallinn with the Kumu museum, the towers and fortresses in the Middle Ages Old town, the TV tower with a splendid view to the Baltic Sea and the city as well as the HarbourMaritimeMuseum. We took part in workshops and had a debate about the way we integrate students belonging to minority groups in our schools.  There were tears on our faces and promises to keep in touch when we left our Estonian friends at the airport. (Mihălescu Mălina and Luca Ruxandra – 7A)





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