Lithuanian students impressions about meetings in Estonia and Germany


This school year we have already visited two countries: Estonia in November, 2012 and Germany in January, 2013.

Estonia is a country of applied Art. We had a good opportunity to make ourselves familiar with textile printing and felting, with Estonian autumn tradition – Mardipäev. We visited TV Tower, Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn which is one of the most unique maritime museums in Europe, with a display comprising of over two hundred large exhibits, an art museum Kumu, which presents both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. The meeting was full of activities: we made presentations about singers and composers, had a discussion about racism and xenophobia, enjoyed an orientation game in Tallinn Old Town, karaoke competition and dancing traditional dance – Kaerajaan.

We have a lot of wonderful memories that we will never forget. We‘d like to say thanks for all Estonian teachers, students and their parents who were very friendly and made our meeting memorable.

Evelina, Veronika, Redminas and Renoldas




The sixth meeting was held in Germany, in Berlin.

It was unforgettable and it was our first travel by plane. We visited a lot of historical places, learned interesting facts about The Berlin Wall, visited the „Reichstag“ building, Potsdam, the capital of the Land Brandenburg. At school we presented our national day and national anthem of the country. We had a great time on Fun-Olympics day, playing sports games and also enjoyed during all week the warm hospitality of host families. We will never forget the beautiful historical sights in Berlin and Potsdam! Thank you German teachers and students for all great time and hope to meet our new friends again!

Karolis and Julius



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