Impressions from Poland


The week (11.03.2013 – 15.03.2013) which we spent in Poland was really great! We found everything very interesting, thrilling and newsworthy. It was exciting when our friends from host school met us at the hotel early Monday morning and we went to look around the Warsaw centre. We were impressed by the history of this city. We learnt that Warsaw has survived so many wars throughout its history and most notably, the city had to be rebuilt after the extensive damage it suffered in World War II during which almost all of its buildings were destroyed. We visited Polish parliament which left a great impression on us, despite the fact that we had to wait quite long outside while we were allowed to get in. We heard a bit of history and saw beautiful halls where Polish law is formed.
On the second day we were met at school. It was a solemn welcoming ceremony. The students showed their talents at dancing and singing. We liked Opatowek school. It is large but cozy, modern and well-equiped. We attended some lessons, visited The Museum of History and Industry in Opatowek, the library, the church, tasted traditional Polish food, had free time at thermal baths in Uniejow, had a short trip to Kalisz, the oldest town in Poland.
We had sport competitions at the sports hall where we were divided into 8 teams of 8 members and participated in ten events. It was fun, we had the opportunity to get closer to other team members. We supported each other and enjoyed the results. After sports we went to the art class. There we learned how to make Easter chickens. Later we watched each country’s prepared movies “What do people know about Europe“? It was very interesting to know what other people know about your country. After activities we had fun with all our friends from different countries together at bowling alley.
We were accommodated by warm-hearted families which welcomed us with open arms. Friday was the saddest day because we all had to say goodbye to our friends, it was hard to stand out without tears. Poland is a nice country with very hospitable people, wherever you go, everywhere a cake and tea or coffee are waiting for you.
There in Poland we spent amazing week, we made friends from other countries. It was a great opportunity to share opinions, to improve English skills and gain priceless memories that we will never forget.
Lithuanian team
Lukas, Brigita, Agne and Karolina


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