I love Poland! Estonian students about Poland


The week in Poland was very dynamic. We took part in different activities: sports games, visiting museums, sightseeing tours. „One of my big impressions is Warsaw is sightseeing tour. It was so cold! But Warsaw is very beautiful city, and it’s impressive, that almost all of buildings were rebuilt after the Second War“. Days in Opatowek are unforgettable! We took some lessons at school: art, math; visited open-air etnic museum and had cooking lesson. „I still remember the taste of bread we cooked“. Almost all of our free time we spent with our new Polish friends: walked around Opatowek, visited Kalisz,went to the bowling. But the most important thing, that we made a lot of new friends from different countries. And now we are in touch by Facebook. We are very thankful for all our Polish families, because you made us feeling, that we lived like at home – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
When we were leaving Opatowek, our new Polish friends came to say us „Good buy!“ We cried, because it was so sad to leave, it was the End of our Polish adventure. But now we know, that it’s not so – because it was beginning of friendship with our new friends!



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