Romanian personalities we are proud of


GRIGORE ANTIPA (1867-1944) was a  Romanian naturalist, biologist, zoologist, ichthyologist, ecologist, oceanologist and  professor  He made research activity in the Danube Delta and the Black Sea .He is the founder of the National Natural Science  Museum  in Bucharest that bears his name .We are proud that our school’s name is “Grigore Antipa”, the scientist who was born and spent his childhood in Botoşani . We celebrate Grigore Antipa Days on the 27th November every year. Image


CRISTIAN MUNGIU  is a successful  contemporary Romanian cinema director and scriptwriter.He was awarded the prize  the  best director at Dakino Festival (2000), for the short film Zapping; Grand Prize at the Transylvania International Film Festival (2002) for the film Occident; “Best European Director” for the film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, by the European Film Academy, 2007; Grand Prize “Palme d’Or” at the Cannes Film Festival (2007) for the film Tales from the Golden Age; Prizes  by the International Federation of Film Media Film Festival in Cannes (2007), the French National Education Administration at the Cannes Film Festival (2007);Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival (2012) for the film Beyond the hills.


ŞTEFAN LUCHIAN (1868–1916) was born in Ştefăneşti, a village in Botoşani county.He painted landscapes, portraits, compositions, still life, especially flowers. His landscapes show the interest in picturesque sights of nature and the symbiosis between abundant vegetation and the presence of human beings.He studied at Munich Fine Art Academy and the Academy Julien in Paris. His painting The last autumn race shows the influence of modernism and post impressionism in his works of art.


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