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Impressions about meeting in Italy


It was one of the best weeks of our life. We discovered a beautiful country and nice landscapes, high mountains and bright blue sea. We all enjoyed visiting the Old Town, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Tower of San Pancrazio and Roman amphitheatre in Cagliari. We were thrilled for the things we were visiting and listening about the history of Sardinia. Excursion to the cave Is Zuddas in Santadi left an indelible impression on us. There we could enjoy corral and needle-shaped aragonites and various stalactites and stalagmites. It was incredible!
We really indulged in trying to make bread and cheese while participating in educational programmes in a local homestead. We learnt about Italian historic heritage visiting the villages of Pula and Nora and could enjoy a wonderful sight visiting Chia with its Dune di Campana, surrounded by typical Mediterranean brush and secular junipers!
People in this country are very friendly, sociable, kind and attentive. We think that everybody will agree that we have had a fantastic time together, but all good things must come to an end. We have made friends and maybe one day we will meet them in front of us saying “Hello.”
Lithuanian team