Our school ist situated in the south-west part of Berlin in a region with many green areas and some lakes. We are still named Beucke-Schule, but according to a reform of Berlin secondary school-system we fuse with another school and we will be the 9. Integrierte Sekundarschule until getting a new name and a new web-site and e-mail. As we join all students who don’t attend a grammar school, there are all kinds of students aged 12 to 16. As the parents’ high career expectations of their children often ask too much, we have to offer to every student the way to get his best individual result, also to disadvantaged ones or to those who are learning-disabled.
With this project we will offer a possibility to contact students in other european countries, use languages, try to develop their individual abilities and talents, show their creativity beside only subjects of school.
The comprehension between people and first of all the understanding and accepting of other ones than me, that’s the main idea.

Outcomes made by German students for project meetings:
Video about Berlin and school
Christmas traditions
German painter
Easter traditions
German composer – Beethoven
German National Day
“What do we think about European countries?”
Carnival of cultures
Personalities we are proud of

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