Taddeo Cossu Junior High School is situated on the outskirts of Teulada, a small village with 4000 inhabitants in the south coast of Sardinia. It is mainly an isolated rural area with an increasing number of tourists in summer, characterized by a strong emigration due to serious unemployement problems. Consequently, this involves a steady population decrease.
The school aims to adopt a student centred approach in order to help students to discover their own way of learning. Our teachers are facilitators and their approach is based on students’ engagement with classroom actvities, experimenting and exploring throughout their learning processes, instead of teachers instead of teachers being the only source.
We have children from 3 to 14 years and those with special needs have the assistence of trained teachers.
Therefore, this project means cultural, personal and social enrichment for all.

Outcomes made by Italian students for project meetings:
Video about Italy, Sardinia and school
Christmas traditions
National Painter – Leonardo da Vinci
The architecture of Tallinn: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
National Holiday
Carnival in Italy
“What do we think about European countries?”
Personalities we are proud of

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