Tallinna Mustamäe Humanitaargümnaasium is a state school. It is situated in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The school provides three levels of basic education (ages 7-16, grades 1-9) and secondary education (ages 16-18, grades 10-12). There are two languages of instructions in our school: Estonian and Russian. Two foreign languages are taught in our school: The first is English and the second is German. Our school is a big friendly family. There are 730 pupils, 54 teachers, supporting group and office staff. We accept children from all backgrounds and religious and ethnic groups. We have pupils with special needs: medical care, support of specialist (psychologist and speech therapist). Despite of all difficulties major part of our students study very well and under the guidance of experienced teachers participate successfully in a variety of competitions in mathematics, foreign languages, arts. Teachers try to involve students in big varieties of activities where each child has the opportunity to demonstrate skills and show talents. This international project will provide interesting and exciting way of learning foreign languages and will show children different cultures of European Union and teach them to be more tolerate for different cultures.

Outcomes made by Estonian students for project meetings:
Video about Estonia and school
Christmas traditions
One of the most famous and important Estonian artist is Kristjan Raud
The architecture of Tallinn: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
Estonian composer – Arvo Pärt
Estonian National Day
Differences and Similarities between traditions and customs in Spain, Lithuania and Estonia
“What do we think about European countries?”
Estonian song and dance festival
Personalities we are proud of

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