Batakiai is situated in a very picturesque, old and a historical place on the river Ancia. It is a rural area in West of Lithuania. The school is open to changes, teaching high culture and meeting requirements of society. The school that educates fair, free, honest and active personality, critically thinking Lithuanian citizen that shows deference to his country and its culture.
Batakiai Secondary school has 191 students and employs 30 teachers. Due to the fact that coteries of sport, dance and choir are available for pupil already a great while, school’s athletes have achieved great results both in region and republic, whereas art collective are frequent participants in various events and republican songs festivals. Coteries for young apiarists and fishermen are very popular amongst pupil.
School’s community participates in the projects about drugs prevention and children socialization.
We have clever mathematicians that become prizemen in region Olympiads and also expressive reading lovers- zonal competition laureates.
On the other hand it is a disadvantaged area. We have some students with learning disabilities or difficulties. Some families have, very low school qualifications and non specialized jobs and occupations. The students expectations about the future careers are very modest and their interest in culture, knowledge and information are also low. There is a permanent need to motivate students about the importance of school and education.
This project would give our students a great opportunity to improve English, to learn more about other European countries, their history and traditions.

Outcomes made by Lithuanian students for project meetings:
Video about Lithuania and school
Christmas traditions
Well known national painter in my country – M.K.Čiurlionis
The architecture of Lithuania: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
Well known national composer and singer in my country
Lithuanian National Day
“What do you know about European countries?”
Lithuanian folk fairy tale
Shrove Tuesday (UŽGAVĖNĖS) in Lithuania
Personalities we are proud of

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