Junior high school in Opatówek is situated in a rural region, in a village of 3,800 inhabitants.Among the various problems of the local society are – unemployment, poverty, low level of education, parents working abroad.
As a result of such situation our students are not motivated by their families to learn and develop their skills.
As the teachers we make efforts to change the students’ attitude towards education – in order to motivate them we organize extra activities, trips, competitions, we give them chances to perform outside school,we invest in new technologies,teach two foreign languages and at the same time we do not forget about our traditions, our history .
We also help the students whose material status is very low (11%) and those who live far away our school(27%)
Our school is well-known in our region, our students get scholarships, we have a big sports hall so teenagers take part in different sport activities and competitions. As a school we also take part in different national projects and often get prizes for the effects of our work.
This year we would like to cooperate with other European countries, to show our students lives of their peers abroad, different school systems, elements of culture, history, talk about environmental issues but also to make them aware that in spite of the borders that are between us we are all similar.

Outcomes made by Estonian students for project meetings:
Video about Poland and school
Well-know Polish painters
The architecture of Poland: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
Polish composer – Chopin
Polish National Day
“What do we think about European countries?”
Traditions in Poland
Personalities we are proud of

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