School No.6 “Grigore Antipa” is situated in Botosani, in the North East of Romania in an economically disadvantaged area. The community in Botosani reflects more or less the Romanian society in general: single-parent families , families where one or both parents are unemployed because some of the factories in our town are closing, and especially students being looked after by grandparents, elder brothers or other relatives because the parents work abroad.
Some students in our school have serious health problems (sight disorders, bronchial asthma, physical disabilities).
Some of our students coming from rural poor areas are involved in Olympic sports activities and they have a special learning programme.
Most of our students learn very well and being guided by teachers they received prizes in various national competitions in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, foreign languages, arts, sport.
Having in view the disadvantaged social climate some of the children are unwilling to study hard and they need to be involved in motivating activities
The teachers make efforts to give equal access to education to all our students, offering special attention to the disadvantaged ones as well as to the gifted ones.
So the staff in our school does everything to help the children adapt and cope with the difficulties that they meet. All the students have equal rights, despite their ethnical or social status, and they are taught to express tolerance and patience in the relationships with each other. A large number of students will be included in the project and each of them will participate demonstrating positive attitude, ideas and talent.

Outcomes made by Romanian students for project meetings:
Ppt about school
Ppt about Romania
Christmas traditions
The most famous and important Romanian artist
The architecture of Romania: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
Romanian composer – G.Enescu
Romanian National Day
“What do you know about European countries?”
Personalities we are proud of – S.Luchian
Personalities we are proud of – G.Antipa
Personalities we are proud of – C.Mungiu
A play illustrating a fairy tale
Traditions in my region, video

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