We are a small secondary school located in a mountainous rural area about 150kms north of Barcelona. We are partners in the project. The social context of our school is mixed, the majority of pupils are from working class families, some parents are agricultural workers and some are from middle classes recently moved from the cities and who have set up tourist based businesses. Roughly half the pupils are from families who moved to the area from the South of Spain to work in the coal mines which closed about 15 years ago causing much unemployment. The recent economic crisis also left many construction workers unemployed and in general the socio-economic level is not high.
Our school gives some classes in the regional minority language, Catalan so all our pupils, whatever their backgrounds, are bilingual Spanish/Catalan speakers. The area has a rich cultural heritage with many local traditions and customs worth preserving and sharing. The area (ALT BERGUEDA) has been opened up in the past 25 years due to the building of a tunnel (Tunel del Cadí) connecting it to one of the major recreational valleys in Catalunya: la Cerdanya. Before this, the region was very isolated and as a result many of our pupils have a very inward looking view of life. I feel that they need contact with other cultures to open their minds and widen their horizons.

Outcomes made by Spanish students for project meetings:
Ppt about Spain, Catalonia and school
Christmas traditions
The architecture of Barcelona: “political”, “unique”, “historical”, “artistic”, “typical”
Easter traditions
Famous composer
“What do we think about European countries?”
Festival – Patum
Personalities we are proud of

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