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Impressions of Polish students


Impressions of Polish students

We are very greatfull that Italian families took care of us
in their houses during the special week for us.
We are so happy that we took part in Comenius Reunion
in Sardinia. We met there a lot fantastic and very
friendly people. We spent there amazing, unforgetable moments.
With Comenius project „A rainbow over Europe” we
learnt the culture of the other countries and practised
our English. We saw many places in South Sardinia:
beaches, Santadi – Zuddas Cave, capital – Cagliari and
many , many more.
The most amazing was the fact that in such a short
time we all became very close to each other.
Everyday social meetings in the evenings gave us
opportunity to meet customs, traditions and habits of
other countries. We had a lot of activities and trips so
we didn’t have a chance to get bored.
The time we spent in Sardinia will stay in our hearts
Julia, Justyna, Joanna & Justyna

Roman Impact on Poland

Roman Impact on Poland


On 29th January 2013 in the local  HISTORY OF INDUSTRY MUSEUM there was a meeting with Dr. Jarosław Dolat, an academic researcher and a history expert. The students from classes 1b and 1d, together with a geography and a history teachers from junior high school in OPATÓWEK listened to the lecture about the Roman Empire Impact on the European History. They learned about the Roman Empire development and its achievements.

The students were especially interested in the Roman contacts with the Polish people through the ancient AMBER ROAD. They also heard that the Roman army never stepped into Polish territory but the elements of Latin language, Roman law, architecture and religion are still present in Poland.

Wawel Dragon in Poland


The Wawel dragon (Smok Wawelski) is the most famous beast in Poland.It is rooted in Polish tradition and culture and is well-known to every child.

On 27th June the  junior high school  students  from Opatówek  were staging a  play about the Wawel dragon and  children from the primary school were invited to be the audience.The children really liked the play. They understood it without any problems although it was  in English.

Monika Ratajczyk

Here are some photos: